Menu Selections

Sweet Chilli Shrimp Cakes
Po Piah - steamed spring rolls with jicama,  bean sprouts and cucumber
Idli - steamed rice flour cakes served with coconut chutneys
Roti Jala - lacy Malaysian pancake served with curry sauce
Shrimp & Egg White Fritters - my grandmother's recipe
Puri - deep-fried wholewheat pancakes served with curry sauce
Bean Curd Pockets - with sprouts and cucumbers in a spicy satay sauce

Main Courses
Shrimp Sambal - cooked in fresh red chillies,  spices and coconut milk
Salmon Masak Rempah - marinated in a paste of garlic, cumin etc.
Fish Head Curry - for  more adventurous souls
Beef Rendang - slow-cooked in 100 spices over a charcoal-burning stove
Shark or Mackerel Puttu - flaked fish with red chillies and shallots 
Chicken Curry - chicken and potatoes in a spicy red coconut curry
Singapore Chilli Crab
Crab Curry - YOU. WILL. CRY.
Tandoori Chicken - on the bbq in the warmer months
Jerk Chicken - on the bbq in the warmer months

Collard Greens with mustard & fenugreek
Kale cooked in coconut milk and spices
Roasted Brussels Sprouts - fall in love with an old un-favorite!
Cucumber Sothi 

Starches and Breads
Uppuma - sultry semolina cooked Indian style
Ghee Rice - gently spiced with cardamom and cinnamon
Coconut Rice - steamed with coconut milk and pandan 
Mum's Famous Indian Mashed Potatoes - flavored with mustard seeds,  fenugreek,  dried red chilli peppers

Lepat Pisang - steamed bananas with jaggery and coconut
Sago Pudding - Mom's famous sago pudding with palm sugar syrup and coconut milk
Appam Balik - a thick Malaysian pancake with peanuts and corn
Sago Honeydew
Coconut Crepes
Caramelized bananas with spiced toffee sauce
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